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Getting to know "The Lonely City" by Olivia Laing & relating to Charles Bukowski I took that book in the extraordinary times when we all had to change our plans because of the creation of the new world's plan by the virus. I was spending my days in Rotterdam with 2.7 million inhabitants who also were touched by all changing virus. Rotterdam is always pretending to have a similar character as other big cities like New York therefore for me was not that unrelatable atmosphere written in the book inspired by the art of a big city. Before reading that book, I thought that I will start to see more wisdom gained from loneliness, but unfortunately, it gave the opposite side of realization what loneliness means for each of us living in an enormous society. Who does get first into the game of loneliness: society or people because of society's pressure? How economical and political structures can make us that lonely that we start to lack ourselves? Loneliness is a picture o

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